Ramadan at UOIT / DC

Iftars will be held in Club and Spaces Room near the Pit/Piano every day. By the grace of Allah(swt), we will be continuing this trend this year as well!!

We will also be having Taraweeh after Isha salat Insha’allah so please come by. Everyone is invited!

Eid Salah

Eid is on Monday September 12, 2016

The MSA has not arranged Eid Salah on campus this year due to various reasons. It is suggested to go to your local masjids for Eid Salah.

Islamic Center of Oshawa (Oshawa Mosque) – Eid Salah is at 8:00 am

Pickering Islamic Center (Masjid Usman) –
First Eid Salah:      7:15 am    sharp!
Second Eid Salah:  9:30 am   sharp!
Third Eid Salah:    10:30 am  sharp!


Please check your local masjids for their timings.

MSA Executive Application Form

We would like to remind everyone that you can now apply to be an MSA executive for Fall 2016 – Winter 2017. A link has been attached down below to apply. The last day to apply is THIS SUNDAY. We will stop accepting applications AFTER 5PM ON SUNDAY. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us via Facebook .

MSA Executive Application Form: