Importance of Dawah

Have concern for your fellow muslims and non-muslims. A dawah brother answered the question of why give dawah: “If I see a person lost on the street, I would want to help them, guide them on the right path towards their destination, when I am familiar with the path.”

It is our duty to teach and guide those who seek for the religion of truth

Many muslims do not realize the beauty of the Islam, they are sometimes confused when they are politically oppressed in certain countries, they are confused when acts of terrorism occur, they are confused when they have to defend the Quran and Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him), they are confused and follow what their fathers taught them, without the full realization of the beauty of Islam.

Many non-muslims do not know about Islam rightfully, its basic principles, its universality, about the Quran and our Prophet. We need to clear misconceptions, ease fears, guide those who seek guidance,  to establish a good relationship with our non-muslims friends.


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