Presentation on the Life of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Message from the Islamic Centre of Oshawa:

Asalamualaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh:
Imam Shakir will be delivering a presentation on the life of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH at the Oshawa Public Library this Thursday at 7 pm.

Imam Shakir has put together an interesting presentation and is encouraging all Oshawa residents to attend. In particular, if you have any family, friends, or neighbours, who would be interested in knowing more about the beautiful life of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, please encourage them to attend this event. The event is open to members of all faiths.

Although you may attend without registering, the library has encouraged all attendees to register. Registering for the event will guarantee your spot. 

Please check the poster and go to the link below to register.

Click link to register through the library.

Please share with others.

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