Jummah Timings

Due to the large amount of students that attend Jummah on campus the MSA is trying to accommodate everyone by providing a larger room for Jummahs at the UOIT’s North Campus prayer rooms every week InshaAllah.

Jummah is being held in UL 100 perform Wudhu in the Prayer Room. Please be courteous to the people who use and clean the UL Portable by not using their washroom facilities for Wudu.

The times for Jummah are as follow:

First: 12:30 pm
Second: 1:45 pm

We are looking for volunteers to help us set-up and clean up UL 100 before and after Jummah. If you can help please show up at 12:00 to move tables and chairs or stay back after second Jummah. All help is appreciated.

Also please check the facebook posts for Jummah updates!